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Tips to Create the Perfect Confetti Photographs

Confetti turns out to be the ultimate wedding day moment. The couple gets showered with lots of good wishes and love all over as you are taking your first steps as a married couple. The auspicious confetti throw is known to mark the beginning of your wedding day celebrations. Obviously, you would wish everything perfect for the wedding confetti occasion. Why not start off with hiring a perfect wedding photographer?

With some little planning, you can ensure everything perfect for the wedding confetti. Here are some of the top tips of coming up with the best confetti photographs:

  • Consider the Right Venue: If you wish to ensure everything perfect on the wedding confetti, then the venue plays a vital role. The venue should be attractive enough to drive amazing photographs. With a great background and lots of light all around, you can expect some great confetti photographs –right before the main wedding day celebrations start. If you are not sure about the venue allowing confetti, you can request for petals –they are all natural & biodegradable and do not create a mess behind.


  • Choose the Right Confetti: Choose the most attractive confetti as per your specific requirement. You can go for choosing the specific petal color that matches with the surroundings or décor. When you select the confetti that complements the theme of your wedding, it helps in setting the perfect backdrop for your images. You can go for making the beautiful petals stand out in the photographs. Smaller petals are known to last in the air longer, and the bigger petals will create a larger splash of color all around –thus, you can choose the right one as per your preference.


  • Organize the Guests: You can ask your close relatives including the bridesmaids to hand out the petals to the guests and organize them accordingly. You can consider making use of bags or cones of confetti such that everyone gets a handful of the confetti to throw around. You can give someone the responsibility of asking the guests to stand in the right corner during the confetti ceremony. When there is a long line of guests throwing away the confetti at the newly-married couple, it makes way for some great photographs.


  • Make Your Photographer Know Everything: Talk out to the photographer and ensure that he or she is aware of the confetti photography requirements. In addition to fulfilling your specific requirements, the photographer might also be able to offer some expert advice on the venue and the best confetti to get the best shots.


  • Plan How Much You Need: You must analyze in advance the total amount of confetti that you would require for ensuring the best confetti photography. Preferably, you should aim at providing around 50 to 75% of the guests with the confetti petals. This will allow the confetti photographer to capture some of the best moments.


Ensure the best confetti photographs with the help of your wedding photographer Essex!

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